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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” - Ghandi

After several weeks slumped in deep dejection, I am starting to feel and act like myself again.  After sharing with some new people and gaining some new perspectives, I am starting to think that everyone has one person who shows up at such a time in their life and makes them absolutely crazy and act completely out of character.  I'm glad that mine has come and gone relatively quickly and now I can get on with my life.

Last week I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am halfway through my warm up classes to prepare for the official start on May 3.  This first step has me feeling very excited and hopeful for the future of my work life.  This program feels like it was developed specifically for me and I wish I could express how amazing it feels to have discovered a potential way to integrate my passion for whole and preventative health with a career.  I know that this is an important landmark for me and am more passionate and enthusiastic about my future than I can ever remember being.

Not only can I feel this change in my attitude, but my behavior is indicative of a return to my higher self.  I have been taking care of my body again.  Granted, I was running while in my gloom, but it was purely to keep me from going over the proverbial edge.  I have returned to preparing meals for myself, going to bed at a somewhat decent hour, washing my face before bed...  I have begun to wake up renewed with gratitude instead of despair.  I have been working hard to surround myself with reminders to focus on these things and the life I intend to create rather than the things that are an illusion of the past or "lacking" in the present and I believe this is a big part of the return to the joyful person I knew that I was.  Thank you for not abandoning me in my time of crisis and negativity.  I did not intend to spread my misery, but I feel as though I did to a degree. 

I hope that many of you will follow me on my journey to becoming a Health Counselor.  Right now, this blog has become more about me than it has about soap and I don't know whether I want to compartmentalize and start a new blog or keep it all one for now.  I am contemplating starting a new blog on wordpress for my nutrition and health learnings and insights.  I encourage you to please share your thoughts and opinions on what you would prefer as visitors to this blog. 



holly wynne said...

I don't really have an enlightened opinion as to the direction of your blog--I mean, my blog is becoming a ghost town. I can see how, with an umbrella website about soap, you might want to streamline the blog content in that direction; I have no problem with it remaining just as it is, though. Wherever/whatever you write, I will read. You're always an inspiration.

jimiyo said...

Awesome direction! Zig Ziglar, Dalai Lama, etc speakers/motivational people all say that helping others is key to fulfilled life. This direction you are taking sounds like a great fit in an area that you would be naturally inclined to study.

Wordpress/Blogger. Wordpress is said to be really good for content management and customizing. I havent messed around with it too much because Im so used to Blogger. I wish I could make the transition over to Wordpress, but havent wanted to power through the learning curve.

Compartmentalizing. Investigating Wordpress would be super beneficial, but IMO Im not sure about separating information about health elsewhere.

Although the soap/business stuff is interesting as it is intertwined with your identity, I come to read about your personal stuff, but the soap/business blogs keep me coming back to check.

I think more content put-through is more beneficial than segregation of information.

Missmonster might be good to ask. She has information EVERYWHERE. heheh.

FuturePrimitive said...

hey Kat. i just love reading whatever it is you're giving us here.
you are you and all that you are is reflected here. that's not to say that you shouldn't do 2 blogs.
i'm sure you'll work it out for yourself like you always do.
it's great to read about your new found happiness with yourself, it really is. i'm super stoked for you.x

kat said...

I love you guys. I can always count on the three of you! xoxo