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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Too Sad To Wax Poetic.

Well, I just took Peter to the airport after his two week visit with me.  He flies to Fairbanks, AK tomorrow for the Yukon Quest, where we spent three amazing weeks together last year.  It's almost becoming old hat now, the pattern of emotion in this long distance relationship.  And much like the June trip, we ended up with but one cell phone picture of our entire visit.  

Once the plane tickets are bought, I relax.  A week before he gets here the countdown starts and I start getting really excited.  While he's here, I pretty much disappear.  A day or two before he leaves I start getting that anxious feeling in my stomach like late on a Sunday evening in high school and you still have homework to do.  As we drive to the airport, it seems like we're just driving somewhere like any other day except that I can't believe how quickly our time together has passed.  When it's time for him to go through security I have to hold back the tears and then quickly bolt out of the airport as soon as he gets in line at the risk of embarrassing myself.  I get home and for a few days everything is very quiet and a little sad before I get back into the swing of things.  Right now it's very quiet and I'm a little sad, so I'll save the rest for next time.

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FuturePrimitive said...

I wondered where you'd got to!
Hope you're ok.
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