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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lost and Found

Peter, the man with whom I spent the better part of three weeks in Alaska this past February came to visit me for 11 indescribable days and nights.  I took him to the airport this morning for his return trip to California.  While he was here, we took a trip to Savannah, which is one of the most charming towns I've ever visited.  We camped on Tybee Island, spent the day at the beach, took lots and lots of pictures of each other and the beautiful Savannah buildings while wandering around the town, only to have left the camera at The Pink House after a nice cold martini.  Alas, no pictures in this post, as it's hard to recover something you left at a bar when you don't realize that you left it there until almost a week later.  I already ordered another camera but have lost every digital image of our time together in Georgia.  It's yet another lesson in living in the moment.  The experiences we shared and the connection we have is worth more than all the pixels in the world.  I may have lost a camera and some pictures, but I found something much more valuable on this vacation.  And I don't just mean the shirt he left behind for me.

Peter designed and made his own batch of soap (with me hovering and giving more instruction than necessary) and I can't wait to post pictures of it and post.  I will probably add it to my permanent line, although I'll probably change the scent.  As soon as I get my camera, I will take and post pictures of it.  It's really beautiful.


Starr said...

How wonderful to have such time together and maybe all the more special for only having the memories?

I hope so. :)


kat said...

I like to think of it that way as well. I forgot about one picture though. The first morning, Peter took a picture of us with my phone upon waking. It's the one and only picture I have of our trip.