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Monday, January 19, 2009

Phoebe's Gift.

This is Phoebe.  I took her in when she was 4 weeks old and I was 12 years old.  I learned a lot about responsibility, putting another's needs before my own, unconditional love and heartbreak from her.  She was with me for 15 years until she died in 2005.  I made a soap in honor of her called Phoebe's Gift, the proceeds from which I donate to Furkids of Atlanta.  The problem is, I am not presenting it right.  People think it's a soap for cats (psst...  they do NOT like baths), or are kind of weirded out by the fact that there's a picture of a cat on the label, so it defeats the purpose.  I am trying to rework this idea to be more effective.  I've only got four bars right now, so I'll be working on that while the next batch is curing... 


FuturePrimitive said...

It actually looks like Phoebe, that soap!
A nice idea...if people who buy your soaps read you blog, they will now know the story behind Phoebe's Gift. cool!

jimiyo said...

heya! Liz Phair. Whip Smart was one of my first and favorite cassettes I ever owned.

The job is out in California. I think it's fast becoming a reality. We are to discuss salary,etc tomorrow. Provided it reasonable, I'm already decided and excited to be 'employed' again. I'm going to kick so much ass. I think it's really going to help my long term marketing of my artist persona although the work does not entail actually making art work.

You said there's something or a decision that's been on your mind as well?

Whatever it is, I think you are quite self aware, and know what makes you most happy, as well as know what tendencies that cause you Not to do things that might result in longer term happiness or contentment.

I think you will make the correct decision whatever it may be thats on your mind. :D

Maybe Im feeling sentimental (not to just you, everyone, cause I'm making a humongous life decision) but I appreciate and love you for being my friend. When I think, does Kat believe in my abilities and think I am a good man, I can say yes, and that makes me cry, and makes me feel worthwhile as a person. I think the same of you... I believe in your abilities, and you are a good woman. xoxo.

Kim said...

Love the soap. Although those people who think the soap is for cats? They haz the dumb. I'm using my Phoebe's Gift soap right now, and it is awesome.

Godmachine said...

made me all choked up that story did. smooshes for pheobe.