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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back In the Saddle

It's been an emotional week to say the least.  I've been pretty consumed with the emotional aftermath of a senseless death that hits really close to home, so I've been angry, scared, sad, confused, over and over again.  I've been trying to take action with the community as a whole and also with the specific neighborhood in which I work.  I've found some good information and am happy to say that action has been taken where I work that makes me feel more comfortable.  I wish it was an off duty cop in the parking lot at close every night, but it's a creative solution that makes me feel like the chances of someone getting away in a situation similar to what happened at Standard are slimmer anyway.  We are getting wireless panic buttons.  Granted it's a reactionary rather than a proactive solution but business is slow, margins are slim and there's just no way they can/will justify hiring an off duty cop every night of the week.

I've tried not to put my life on hold during this time of emotional roller coasterishness.  Peter is coming January 25th for two weeks before he heads to the Yukon Quest to handle dogs for Dave Dalton.  Also, I've been running again and ran 5 road miles last Sunday and 5 trail miles yesterday.  I'm slower than I used to be, but the fact that I've kept in good enough shape to start back at that distance feels good.  The fall is such good biking and running weather and because my Graves Disease came out of remission I couldn't exercise until my thyroid levels went down significantly to avoid damage to my heart and thyroid storm and also because my body just couldn't.  I have to say my gym attendance has been suffering while trying to get this idea of customizable groomsmen gifts put together under a deadline.  However, I believe it will be worth it and once the packaging structure is set, I should be able to get more gym time in.

How about a lovely picture to make everybody feel better?

It's my new logo in the works.


Kim said...

I love the logo!

FuturePrimitive said...

Hey Kat,
Just wishing you a happy sunday evening (it's evening here now) and sending out my thoughts to you. I understand how scared you must feel...I myself had a terrifying experience last year (an intruder in our bedroom - shan't harp on about it as I'd rather not). Don't let it ruin your days and nights. Time is a great healer and you will feel safe again as the memory fades of the bad experience. So sorry about your friend.
Love & Peace to you,
Tiggy x
Well done for the run though eh, Bloomin' 'eck, that's a long jog!