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Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Only Get One Shot. (Mom's Spaghetti)

I've been meaning to write all week, but have been going balls out preparing for this upcoming holiday show on Saturday.  I've finally put together some bath salts which I've been toying with for a few months.  They're gorgeous and smell delicious.  Alas, I slack.  I have yet to label them and only took a picture with my cell phone so far, but as one might imagine, December is my busiest month, so it's not so much slacking as it is prioritizing.  You'll get a picture next week.

Also, I keep having all these "great" ideas of "interesting" things to write about.  The problem is that I think of them in semi-consciousness either while drifting off to sleep or between snooze button segments.  I remembered finding high fiving to be analogous to boyfriends in a way.  Interesting?  I'll let you be the judge.  

A few days ago, this guy came up to me with a classy opener of "Hey, sexy" and then proceeded to give me a high five.  If you are going to give me a high five, you can probably get away with an opener like that because I love to high five.  I told him as much and he proceeds with "how about low fives?"  I say I'll pass on the low five because my first thought is the ol' down low, too slow move, but he keeps his hand out for an uncomfortable period of time, so I oblige only to be met with him yanking his hand away.  Didn't see that one coming...   So then he tries with all his might to get me to high five him again, but when it comes to high fives - and apparently low fives  - once a cheater, always a cheater and you'll never get me to high five you again.  

I give no second chances when someone breaks my trust, whether it be a cheating boyfriend or a cheating high fiver.  I also think that the hand retraction mid high five is a clear indication that the person is obviously a douche bag.  Who else would get their kicks from a direct action on their part in an effort to make someone else look or feel foolish?  Only one other person I've known has done that to me and not only did he spend months trying to trick me into high fiving him to no avail, but his nickname was also "The Douche".  

In math class, we learned that it takes three events to form a pattern.  One more unattractive guy with lame opposite sex interaction skills coupled with over inflated self confidence about such skills who asks me for a high five and then pulls his hand away and I've got me a pattern.


Holly said...

I have the same policy re: no second chances. Unfortunately, the pattern had already established itself before said policy was fully formed.

Great post.

jimiyo said...

:D thinking of you, and reading your stuffz!

Kim said...

Love it!