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Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Santa

Usually I don't care about getting anything for Christmas and have a pretty puny circle of gift exchangers.  This year I am not afraid to say that I want a couple of things.  Not necessarily to be wrapped up and handed to me, since only one of them is boxable and really, I will just buy it myself.

This year I would like to be able to generate enough product sales, both wholesale and retail to account for 50% of my income, thus bringing me half way to my goal of being able to quit my "day" job inside of two years.

I would also like Peter, wrapped up in a big ol' bow and dropped onto my doorstep.

A sewing machine, too.  Nothing fancy.

I also plan to take up making my own recycled paper this year with my packaging scraps and other stuff.  I already made my own screen mold thing.

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jimiyo said...

OOoooo, so I've been downloading audio books. Remembered "tipping point" on your myspace so Im gettin it!!! Hope its good. Hrm, just read the criticism on wiki... that it may be based on false data, but some of the information must be true or valid.. and shit, I wont have to read it, just listen, I hope its Jean Luc Picard's voice. Doods gotta sexy voice.

Um... Hey... so Im becoming more like you now.. ok not really. I started running several months back, and been doing so consistently, so I can now call myself a poser runner. not a real one, but still poser status. I can run 3 miles without stopping... though its slow. like 27 minutes. 3-4 times a week. Although it kinda sucks, cause like, Im not fat nor is it going to really affect me visibly, so theres no obvious positive effects. Sure healthy, etc etc. Still... I wish running would make my dick bigger... how awesome would that be? LOL. Then running would become counterproductive because one would be trippin on their own dinguses. Have to tape that shit up on your leg or some shit.

Umm... that's all I think. My mom needs some xmas gifts. I might need to buy some soap off you.