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Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Been Too Long Since I Gave You Aural Pleasure.

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For my birthday, Peter sent me a package which included several mixed cds.  They were not in fact the "mixed tapes" you remember from high school, but rather a collection of a whole lot of bad ass songs that he thought would make me happy to rock out to on the way to work or provide a good backdrop for whenever.

I love finding good new music, but usually I have to accidentally hear it and then seek out the artist.  Rarely do I put forth a whole lot of effort looking for it.  So having four cds with lots of great music was like shooting fish in a barrel.  There are a few songs off the first one that I really liked.  They sounded familiar, but turned out they were not who I expected.

The first song reminded me of The Ravonettes, but is in fact a band called Clinic.  The second one, I could've sworn was Cold War Kids.  Nope, it's Devandra Banhart.  The Raconteurs song impressed me as I really couldn't get into their first cd, but everything I've been hearing lately by them is doing it for me.  And finally, I heard that accompanying voice and immediately recognized it as belonging to Beth Orton; a voice I love but can often be boring on her own albums.  Plus, the lyrics to this one are so simple and romantic, it gets to me.

Wow.  In my You Tube search for Beth Orton, I found a Ryan Adams cover of a Beth Orton song.  Sweet, bad ass bonus points for me!

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Holly said...

Super-sweet, baddest-of-the-bad-assiest points!

P.S. Thanks for the linkage :).