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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I need your help, peeps.  I'm working on a marketing exercise in order to get a better idea of what impression people already have of my soap/company in comparison/contrast to the image I'd like for people to have.  One of the questions, which seems easy upon first inspection, is:

"How would your friends describe sudstress?"

Well, I'm not exactly sure, so I'm asking you all (at least ;jimiyo, Holly and Kim) to tell me.  I know this blog tends to be more about me than the soap itself, but I'd really like an honest word/words/sentence(s) based on your perception of Sudstress the brand, as it is.  If you read this blog even close to regularly but have never commented, please feel free to chime in as I would love some feedback.  If you need to, take a look at my website and then come back and comment.  I really appreciate your help!  Also, I will change my settings to allow anonymous comments, so if you've tried to comment before and couldn't, you can now and in the future.


Holly said...

Hmmm...that really is tougher than it seems. I'll try to come up with something.

I'll tell you now, though, that when I free-associate thinking about your soap, as well as the pics from your shop and site, the words that come to mind are mostly somehow food-related: "yummy," "luscious," etc. Also, "indulgent," "pure," even "sensual."

I'll get back to you if I think of anything. :)

jimiyo said...

Sudstress is not only a creator of wonderfully aromatic... insert something describing the product being natural, good smelling, great for the skin... etc... Im not good with words today, just ideas...

Sudstress is an artist.

What impresses me most, is the way Sudstress creates aesthetically beautiful and interesting Sculptures in a product that otherwise is usually a product of utility.

The unique forms of all the soaps shows to me the passion in which Kat creates her artwork. I imagine during the process of creation, it's similar to Disney's Fantasia. I imagine Kat in a frenzied artistic creation mode, whimsically, intelligently controlling the agents in which soap is created, delicately balancing the variables of time and temperature, all the while, with tools and things, molding and mending the soap into deliciously delicate curves and colors, good enough to make the mouth water and titillate the senses.

There's some of Kat's soul in that Sudstress soap...

If you can allow yourself to actually let go and use the soaps, as it would lamentable to ruin their beautiful shape, I am certain the fragrances and effects of softening and cleansing your skin would be just as splendid.

Then insert video of SNL skit of Aaron Neville putting on Kat's Coco Butta. "I love me sum that Sudstress Coco butta."

heart you. ;j

Kim said...

OK, yeah, what they said. I can't top that. :-)

FuturePrimitive said...

yes...very beautiful, natural soaps with an earthy, fresh look to them.
They look like mini sculptures - very gee!
I'll be checking in to your blog from now on.
Well done for what you've achieved so far.