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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nobody Enjoys Going to the Dentist.

This morning, I endured another couple of hours in the dentist's chair.  It was part two of a filling that needed replacing (for the third time!) lasting about two hours.  I know anyone can relate to the chills that the drill sends down one's spine.  Even when I can't feel it, I can still feel the vibration and hear the high pitched squeal and don't forget, smell the tooth/filling dust.   Blech!  This, however, is work that can not be put off or ignored, as it will just become a more painful and expensive (did I mention that I have no dental insurance?) situation if not resolved now.  Fortunately, I have a fantastic dentist whose staff, including herself, is kind, gentle, knowledgeable and does everything in their power to do a solid job as well as make you feel at ease and avoid unnecessary pain.  If you're anywhere near Atlanta and in need of a good dentist who is not scary, go to Dr. Nancy Stewart in Decatur.

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