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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Year, Another Dollar.

Year two as a vendor in the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival has taken place and was another success. I had some repeat business from previous festivals, got great feedback on my new packaging, heard "it smells so good over here" about a million times, met some really cool people, had wonderful neighboring artists and sold a load of soap.  I felt like the people traffic was slower and I don't know if it was because I was on the opposite (and hotter) side of the park as last year or (more likely) because it was Labor Day weekend and there were several other festivals going on and I'm sure it was difficult for people to decide which one to go to.  I was disappointed that another year has gone by where I missed the Dragon-Con parade.  Talk about good people watching...  I'd rather be selling soap, so it's not too much of a shame, but it's on my to do list before leaving Atlanta.  My sales weren't any lower than last year though, so I'm happy knowing that it just seemed slower.   

A visual snack from the festival:

Part of my display:
Lavender & Green Tea facial scrub and masque.  Doesn't look pretty, sure feels pretty:

New packaging:
More of my display:

Lots of great food vendors.
I opted for the frozen banana over the hot nuts:

Oops.. when I looked in my rearview mirror, I noticed some chocolate on my face:

Then I went home and passed out at 10:30.

The end.


jimiyo said...

Man your displays have gotten mucho better than when I first saw them, what, like a year and half? ago?

Your is frickin awesome too. Cloud9 is impressive.

I was about to leave for Alabama to come to ATL Saturday/Sunday to surprise deliver your package... Twice fate intervened to prevent me, so needless to say, Im still a douche, and you still have not received your package due to my sleeping habits and irresponsibility.

Soon! ;j

kat said...

Thanks, yo! Actually, I had some repeat business, a guy who bought from me at I.C.E. - he bought four more bars! What can I say, my soap is bad ass.

That would've been pretty sweet to get a hand delivered shirt, but my place was in no condition for visitors, so everything worked out as it should. It won't be long sleeve weather for a while, so I'm not worried about it. I know how the late nights work. You, sir, are no douche. I meet many and I guarantee you do not qualify.

Can't wait :)

PicturesqueMusiq said...

I had a great time at Summer Shade. Met a lot of great people and enjoyed all it had to offer. Here are some of my pictures and the like: