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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival.

This is my second year doing the Grant Park festival. Last year it was my best outdoor festival and I hope this year is even better. I learned a thing or two after the tent leak debacle of the Inman Festival Day 2... I will not give up. If I have to pack and unpack my soap repeatedly, I will not be defeated. I will, however, bring a book in case I need to whether the weather for a spell. I think the forecast calls for isolated thunder showers. That's better than steady, all day rain.

My booth will be in the juried section, which is on Savannah Circle in space #69, just three tents away from beer. If you are in Atlanta, I highly recommend this festival. The people who attend are laid back and nice which creates a great atmosphere and it's still a young festival, so it's not completely overcrowded. If you can't attend, be assured I will remember my camera this time (90% assured anyway) and will provide visual coverage of my experience this weekend.

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jimiyo said...

I hope you sell lots o soap and no rain!

Hey, I apologize, I have had your package ready to ship, but I have yet to make it to the PO. Been on a vampire schedule where I don't usually wake til 3-4pm. I'm gonna try to make it to one tomorrow.