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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

not ready yet

So this soap is not fully cured yet, but it turned out really cool and I want to share it.  The scent is lemon verbena mixed with lime, so I'm thinking of calling it Limon Verbena.  It looks like a sunny day to me.  I want to take a picnic on each bar...  Without further ado:

Also, I stopped making Healing Waters Spa Bar a while back because the fragrance was really difficult to work with.  I've had several requests, as this was a favorite of many people.  I had a bit of the fragrance left, so I made a smaller batch.  It wasn't as terrible in a smaller quantity, but I'm still going to have to find a different fragrance.  I will keep the design and recipe the same, but it might take some time before I get it right.  So for now, there is a limited quantity available - though it's been so long since I made any that the aqua came out a little darker than it used to be and I had to add an ever so slight amount of a complimentary fragrance to have enough for a full batch.  It's still got the aloe and sea clay in it, however.  Here's what the current batch looks like:


Celine Blacow said...

They look just lovely, the first one looks like a Summers Day.. divine!

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

The first one is so pretty. I just received Lemon Verbena and wondered how it would hold up in CP as I haven't used it yet but my sister has been itching to try it out.

The second soap has a beautiful aqua colour to it. I wonder if you soaped that fragrance at a really low temperature for both lye/water and oils if it would behave for you.


kat said...

Thanks ladies!

Michelle - yes, I do have to use low temps and high water, but it's actually a physical response I have to the fragrance that makes is so hard to work with. I figured smaller batch, less FO, easier on me. It helped but I'm still going to have to find a different one. I've been looking at the MSDS sheets on all FOs that I buy and using that as my guide.

I have found lemon verbena easy to work with and one that sticks. I hope you have the same experience!