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Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring sneak peak

It's the first day of spring, and it's apparent in my step.  So far today, I started with a cleansing glass of lemon water; made a palatable kale & parsley smoothie for breakfast (ask if you'd like the recipe, seriously); meditated for 20 minutes; and made a colorful mess whipping up a batch of sweet magnolia.  Though I haven't gone out for my run yet today, knowing I have another four hours or so before it gets dark makes me think I might make a second batch shortly.  I'm changing the shape of my regular bars and have been wanting to actually make a batch of this type so I can try out my new packaging ideas... I've been re-inspired after a bit of soap-bernation this winter.

Here's a spring sneak peak of a couple of upcoming soaps:
georgia peach

potential new packaging for 3-3.5oz bars

colorful mess from this morning

 what came of the colorful mess - bad ass magnolia (not official name)

 other side of the magnolia


Karen said...

Yippppppeeeeeeee! Can't wait to buy both! In bulk! ;-)

kat said...

:D Sounds good! I think I'm going to do a listing for custom small bulk orders on etsy. Not sure if it'll be a hit, but it would be fun to do soaps I wouldn't have ordinarily planned on based on customers' desires.

btw - sorry it took so long to do a peach. I know you've been saying peach for about a year or two now ;)