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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VD - the good kind!

Ahh, Valentine's Day.. the day that suggests everyone be partnered; a day where all too high expectations are set and unfulfilled expectations occur if all is not just as imagined. Valentine's Day should be a day to be filled with love and laughter and appreciation for any and all loved ones, not just a romantic partner. I do love all those bitter themed parties and stinky garlic dinners prepared every February 14th, though.

Despite that awkward intro, the truth is, Valentine's Day is just like every other day in life. When approached without expectation, but rather with appreciation, it will always be wonderful regardless of your relationship status. Maybe I'm being idealistic, but the more days I put under my belt, the more I realize that life unfolds as it's meant to in its own time. The fewer expectations we have and the less attached we are to the outcome of our journey, the more fulfilling each day will be. Look around and appreciate the people who bring joy into your life. This is the perspective I am trying to adopt daily.

Even though I've been going through a really difficult and often scary transition in my work life, I am so lucky that I have family that supports my choices and will do anything in their power to help me. I love my friends, many of whom I don't have the chance to spend much time with as our lives have evolved and all but eliminated our proximity to each other. These are people I can call and talk as though no time has passed.

When fear and doubt creep in regarding all the unknowns in my life, I think of all the amazing opportunities, people and events that have been dropped into my lap at just the right time or as "dumb luck" after a lot of hard work. These are things we can not plan for or schedule, but must learn to surrender to the energy of the universe (God, Source, Creator... you get the idea) and trust that it will provide. The last several months have been a real test of faith for me and I suppose this post is my way of reaffirming my belief and trust. I've been pretty shaky lately.

So this post really evolved from where I thought I was going to where it went. My intention was to unveil a new item available for Valentine's Day, which will also be added to my wedding line. I went the traditional route with the couple's name. These hearts can be custom stamped with any short phrase you'd like. May I suggest the following?

Romantic interest:
I like you
I love you
Do Me
Take off your pants
I heart you
Let's do it
You complete me (if the recipient has a good sense of humor or likes campy movies)
any number of dirty phrases that might be in poor taste to post publicly

Friends & Relatives
Thank you
BFFs 4-ever (again, if the recipient has a good sense of humor or you are both 12 year old girls from 2005)
Best Friends
Mom & Dad (nice little anniversary gift too)

So they don't get the wrong idea
Friend Zone
Love you like a brother
You remind me of my dad
You have a great personality
Hey Pal!
Let's watch the game
Sorry, I'm just not attracted to you

Okay, so I am kidding about some of those, but if they fit on the heart, I'm not gonna deny you...

Enough with the talk, more with the show:

Each custom stamped heart is in the Midnight Mint scent (kinda like sweet mint chocolate minus the chocolate), weighs approximately 3 ounces and comes nestled in recycled tissue in a lovely matching gift box seen above for $11.95 and you can click here to order.


Joanna said...

I like your attitude!

Gorgeous soapy VD gift. :)

Anne-Marie said...

Custom stamped hearts for valentine's day are a wonderful idea - and I'll take any day that makes my husband be extra sweet and mushy. Sometimes, I think we all need reminders to tell our loved ones how much they mean us.

The soap turned out super cute, BTW. =)