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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've been working on a little something for this collaborative contest between martha stewart weddings (dot com) and etsy. I am not giving it away yet, but this might be the cutest soap I've ever made. It is a new take on, and combination of several things I've done in the past, but now they are coming together in a way that I think is perfect for this contest. I wish I could upload the picture right now, but it is too soon.... I have until September 1 to submit.

As you probably know, I am without traditional job and any sort of exposure through martha stewart would be h u g e.

I also have some other big news of a decision I made recently. The time is not right to announce that either. Sorry. This post has been one big tease.

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Dena Hayes said...

We have a friend that has been doing alot work as an extra. I think she makes good money at it and the time is flexible. Would you be interested?