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Saturday, June 20, 2009

awww yeaaaaah

My lavender patchouli mineral bath salts have been featured in the etsy weekend deals! If you've been meaning to order but just haven't gotten around to it, now is the time. I'm having a sale this weekend where all orders will receive a 15% discount 15% as well as a free blissful body oil sample, unless of course you order the blissful body oil, then you'll get a soap sample. Not only that, but three lucky customers will receive 50% off (via PayPal refund) when I draw three names at random on Sunday at midnight. Just write "RELAX" in the Message to Seller to receive your discount and sample. Discount will be refunded via PayPal and you never know if you might just be one of the lucky ones to get half off your order!

Also, my goal of passing 300 sales by July 1 is almost accomplished. If you're so inclined, head over to my etsy shop and grab some soaps that are on sale.


Joanna said...

That photo is so refreshing! Great job!


jimiyo said...

OOO la... I love Lavendar and I love Patchouli.

Might have to get some, although I dont talk baths.

jimiyo said...

sorry i abandoned your with your EZ up tent. :(

it made me kinda chuckled though, that i would be so insensitive. what if Ryan Adams or whomever is your music boo flew in and rescued you in tights, and was like... lets do it in the air! cause i can do that to you, cause im super ryan and i can fly?

jimi running away, looks back at tornado, squints to see two blurry naked bodies humping in the air near tornado, all of a sudden see EZ Up tent flying towards him. BOINk! Bonk! Crash! face full of EZ up tent...