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Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome To Nashville.

It's been a great week, especially after rounding out last week by catching that nasty cold that sneaks up on you.  Thanks to those who took me into the triple digit sales on etsy, including my brother who doesn't seem to know that he gets soap for free what with bein' family and all.  I came home from my 24 hour trip to Nashville to find myself at 99 sales.  What?  I didn't tell you about Nashville?  Oh, my bad.  I went to Nashville.

In the continuing saga that is my long distance relationship with Peter, I drove up to Nashville to meet him (and his 8 passengers) during his 3 week trip working as a tour guide.  Also, I got to meet my wonderful blog friend Holly, who gave me the "Holly's Nashville" tour.  I was so excited to meet her and had so little time that I just sort of ran off at the mouth, nonstop.  I was also so excited to see Peter that I had to crawl through the trunk to get my keys after a narrowly avoided keys-locked-in-car-hanging-from-the-ignition scenario.  Sometimes I'm easily distracted...

Before I post the rest of the pictures, I'd like to explain that Peter grows a beard semi-annually and then shaves it off after the Yukon Quest every year in a tradition known as "fun with shaving".  This year he shaved it into an I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE kind of mustache and kept it on until I got to see it in person.  It cracked me up but I got used to it pretty quickly.  He says he misses it.   Also, I'm learning how to do photography at night...

heartbeat of the city
hill billy grill
blue moon on a red brick wall
Nashville by Night
great smokies


holly wynne said...

LOVE the pics of Nashville! I love seeing what you chose to capture, and capture so well. It looks like you had a great time, and I'm so glad.

The pics of that girl...well, she looks like she means well :).

Strange as it seems, I've missed you since I dropped you off there on Broadway (a statement which sounds a whole lot more loaded and provocative than it is). I loved our afternoon, and you guys have a standing invitation back!

jimiyo said...

wow... the Nashville photos are so awesome. Already very Nostalgic! The BelcourT Theatre!!! The Batman building... Stupid horse carriages on 2nd avenue. And those bars, I got so drunk one time, I almost pissed myself out on the Nashville Streets. Had to go in an alley. Good times Good times.