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Monday, April 6, 2009

..but first, a bee!

First, a bee!

Continuing with my great week, this past Thursday I got to see Neko Case on the second stop of her tour for Middle Cyclone.  She has been one of my absolute favorite artists since I first discovered her on an episode of Austin City Limits with Roseanne Cash a handful of years ago.  She has a haunting, one in a million voice and she's mesmerizing to watch and is captivatingly beautiful.  It's surprising how many people have never heard of her.  

She and her band seemed a little nervous about playing the new material, maybe because the album was more heavily produced than usual (not in a bad way) or perhaps because it was only the beginning of the tour and still fresh in the live-performance-of-new-material-learning-curve.  Either way, it sounded fantastic.  Even if they were not heavily rehearsed, with such talent, it's really hard to suck no matter how new the material.  I went with my friend and neighbor Skotdog (a.k.a. smfc) who brought his manties to throw upon the stage but alas, forgot to pin his name and phone number in the waist band and therefore remained in his pocket.  I have photographic evidence of this...  Fortunately, due to the beer in my bloodstream, his 6' something frame was my makeshift tripod.  I'm still learning the functions of my camera, so experimenting got me a few great results.  I regretted not bringing my camera to see Ryan Adams (was still bitter about his engagement to stupid Mandy Moore) and was not going to make the same mistake with Neko.

Also, Favorite happens to be one of my favorite songs and though I don't normally yell songs out at shows, I did say quite loudly "I would like to hear Favorite", which I did hear during the encore.  Woo!


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