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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Soap Is So Street

Apparently the word about handcrafted soap hasn't hit the streets yet.

Today I had scheduled my first UPS pick-up for a wholesale order to Nature's Nook.  At about 10:00 this morning I heard a knock at my door and assumed it was my friend Matt since sometimes he comes to check on me if he hasn't heard from me in a while and everyone else I know is at work.  When I peeked through the blinds, however, it was a complete stranger who happened to be eyeing the packages at my door and didn't see me.  I admit that I am already oversensitive to potential crimes against my person and there's not usually a whole lot of foot traffic in my neighborhood, during the 9-5 hours.  Immediately my pulse quickened as did my breathing, so I called 911.  I live right next to a police station, so I figured they'd be here in a matter of minutes.. more like 30.  As I was on the phone with the police, I peeked out the bathroom window watching for the guy to leave, but never saw him go.  I suppose he left around the side of the building.

When I returned to the kitchen to see if he was still there, sure enough he was gone along with an eleven pound box of soap that was packed and ready to ship.  When the police arrived I went through the motions, but figured a box of soap probably wasn't high on their list of priorities. Besides, I assumed that once the guy got into the box, he'd ditch it and maybe I could recover some of the product if it wasn't spilled out all over the street.  I called Matt and he came to help me go around the neighborhood and look for it since he's good at finding things.  Last time my cat was missing for about 6 hours, he found him backed into a tiny crevice in the basement.  I guess the basement is where it's at because sure enough, the guy took it into the basement, tore it open and left it.  I guess he couldn't imagine his street corner clientele being interested in handcrafted soap.  Can you imagine him, sunglasses on, fake mustache opening one side of his trench coat weighted down with 11 pounds of soap? 

"Psst!  Hey buddy, wanna buy some soap?  It'll get the stank off ya."

I guess not.  Apparently Mocha Cafe has no street value.  Little does he know...  

I spoke to the UPS guy and figured out an arrangement to prevent this from happening again. Although since he didn't even make off with one single bar, I imagine he wouldn't see any value in giving it another shot.  

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Nature's Nook said...


Starr said...

Um dang girl.. that is insane! This was during the day!? Yikes!

Glad your person is ok and the soap too! :D


Joanna said...

funny story, that your soap is not street enough. Get your soap on...

jimiyo said...

thats an awesome story to tell though. i would have at least stolen some body butter. or if i was a thief and had a gf, i woulda stole a couple bars, and been like, baby i stole this shit off a front porch today cause i dig you. now lets do it. im pretty sure it would work. you should take a crap in a box and leave it on the porch. wrap it up like weed or some kind of drugs.