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Monday, April 21, 2008

Spa Bar Re-do.

I've updated Morning Dew. I loved the sea clay element already and as many of my new creations start out, I caught a mistake early, merged it with my original plan, combined it with an added element and then topped it off with a spur of the moment experiment and it ended up a success. There is more of a cohesive theme to this bar. While it remains a spa bar with the addition of Sea Clay and now Aloe, I changed the color to mimic the sea... only makes sense, right? So, Morning Dew is no longer a befitting moniker. I'm leaning towards Healing Waters Spa Bar, but remain open to suggestion. I still have several weeks to formulate its new label.



Oh yeah, while I'm at it...  I added some curly Q's to Cloud 9 to make it look more like wispy clouds under the big puffy ones and look:  a 9!

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