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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repeat Business

At the Candler Park Fall Festival last year, a guy came into my booth, snatched up three bars of soap before I could even say "hi".  I told him he'd picked the magic number, that I was selling them at 3 for $15 and he said, 
"I know.  I bought some from you at the Grant Park Festival.  You make great stuff."
That was a pretty great feeling.  Then as I was sitting in my booth at the Inman Park Festival this last Saturday, a woman came up to me urgently and with purpose, says
"YOU make the best soap!  I was looking for you.  I bought a bunch from you at the Candler Park Festival."
Sweet!  She got four bars from me again.  I think if I kept on with the festival circuit, I could definitely get a lot of repeat business.  The festivals, though rewarding, are a LOT of work.  Long days, physically exhausting, mentally draining...  I spent all of Monday recovering and trying to re-organize my soap room.  I have a whole other blog to write about day two with the rain, with pictures and all, but I've just poured the lye for a batch of Black Raspberry and it's time to start melting oils now if I'm going to make it to my bike ride in about an hour and a half.  

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