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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I celebrate with cake.

I am celebrating my "(200)8 is Great!" sentiment, as I've recently passed my first test when confronted with a difficult situation.  It's easy to feel good when things are going well, so I feel like I handled this with less worry and stress than I would've before my recent change of mind. Some things are in fact going well, so I choose to celebrate with cake.  However, since I am not so good at making cake worth eating, I will celebrate with some gratuitous, drool-worthy soap cake pictures.

It turns out that the people at the distribution company like my product, so they have decided to include me as one of their soap vendors.  Yay!  One step at a time, though.  There's nothing in writing, but I believe that there is a lot of potential here.  This company distributes to about 500 stores that are either green or going green and has plans to expand.  They also operate under the philosophy of working exclusively with small businesses.  They were once very small and choose to continue their growth through allowing other small businesses an opportunity to grow with their help.  To that I say, thank you and Wheeeeeeeee!  To celebrate this, I give you the original soap cake that opened the door for more soap cake...  Lemon Charlotte:

Also, I have been running much more consistently over the past couple of months.  It's funny how I'm too lazy to get all dressed in cold weather gear to ride my bike in these temperatures, but motivated enough to run 4-5 miles every other day.  I think the reason that I like biking more as a warm weather sport is that feeling of freedom that comes with it and cold wind and several layers make me feel constricted.  Biking is one sport where in the hot and muggy summers, sweating actually works to cool you down.  So, it stands to reason that it's a lot colder moving at 20 mph than at 6-7 mph.  Also, there are a lot more things that I have to be aware of, like traffic, potholes, grates, people, etc. on a bike whereas with running, though I am still aware of my surroundings I can clear my mind, focus on my breathing and create a moving meditation of sorts.  When I am running, I let thoughts float in and out, and usually one of two things happens.  Either I come up with a new and creative idea, usually pertaining to soap; or  I sort out whatever internal conflict I've been dealing with, or at least come to peace with it. Sometimes both if the run is long enough.  Regardless, I always am in a better mood, have more energy, am more capable of dealing with stress and more confident with myself.  I can't believe I used to hate running so much.  To celebrate, I present:  Mint Chocolate Chip, a timeless classic.

Finally, I have been invited to set up a booth at the Fool's Gold endurance mountain bike race by Namrita O'Dea.  I've only actually raced in one, and it was on a team, so it wasn't really all that endurance-y, but the atmosphere at those things is super fun since mountain bikers tend to have a lot of personality and fewer inhibitions about the stupid crap that afflicts most people.  I wouldn't be racing, but I'd be in the mountains of North Georgia which always refreshes my spirit, I'd be exposing my soaps to a whole community of people and I'll likely meet a lot of new people and have a ton of fun.  So, to celebrate this, I give you Chocolate Raspberry Torte which incorporates a bit of pink, just like my biking outfits do.



jimiyo said...

Heeeey Kat. :) I will one day use your visage for a sketch or painting... Actually I started one long ago, I got about 30% into it then I thought you might think I was way to creepy 'nice'.

Sounds like 8 is good for you. Mines alright. Been doing tons of art, Im getting better which feels great. One day, I will make magic!!! I got contacted to a special edition shirt for a major online tee company so Im excited about what exposure and opportunities it will bring.

Thanks for reading and posting on my blog! No one ever replies...

What would my post without be with some mention of body parts or functions?

At the ranch, I have been totally alone for a couple days. So my voice in my head is clear. Today I was in the shower for the first time in three days. I washed my hair, my face, and brushed my teeth. I turned the water off.

Then my voice rang,

"Did I wash my buttcrack and genitals?"

So I turned the water back on.

So did you get like drunk the other night?

Drunk Blog Commenter!

Oh hai, I couldnt capture your hotness on paper and pencil, I feel anxious to even try...


kat said...

;j - I would be completely honored were you to include me in your art! No creepy about it. I have so much faith in your art and your personality, I don't think you realize this.

Also, you are f@!king hilarious. We have such a similar sense of humor, I am so glad I know you. ..and yes, I was drunk, but I re-read my comment when I was sober and I totally meant it, so it doesn't matter. I hope you come back and read this or else I'll have to copy and paste it in your next entry. My cat is making weird noises now, so I should go check on him.

Send me your vision of me, I'm sure it's much hotter than I actually am.

jimiyo said...

i was wondering if you had left for alaska yet. we just had a ice storm here. it was prety awesome. in the morning the sun is out, then i go to the grocery store 40 minutes away, start heading back a couple hours later and the ranch was totally covered in snow and ice. very crunchy and white here... im waiting til 3 am rolls around, cause the skys cleared up and the moon will be out. when its like that, the whole place lights up because of the snow reflecting the moon.

glad you like that "ordinary life" sketch... someone else said that it would make a good shirt. the second part of that sentence is "but i wish for peace..." hard place to be when you are striving for the ideal or perfect life. ever elusive... i was actually thinking of making the you vs life into a shirt. its symbolic of fighting oneself or at least what life throws at you. at least the idea is good...


jimiyo said...

hey kat! leaving in three days or something right?

thanks about the picture. thats buster in the photo. shes a lanky nonchalant kittie who has seductive eyes... well seductive as in kinda half sleepy all the time look. now that judy is gone, they are paying more attention to me. they HAVE to like me, im the only one that will feed them and give them attention and salmon flavored kittie treats. i love living with them. Blue still has heinous poo. i think she must have a bonafide digestive problem. she was grunting and twitching the other day, which i thought was hilarious but sad.

'get in touch with your mom' whaaat?! :) we truly have become friends havent we?

i dont know when i will get to hike the GC. its something Judy also wanted to do. i have no idea what will happen after march. i might be leaving the ranch, i may not. i might be coming back to the south to visit or not. i might be going to Canada or not. i thought once i left TN, everything was decided and uncertainty would go away, but im back at the same fork in the road. didnt expect another one to come so suddenly.

i dont know if im going to join twitter. i already have too many accounts (mostly art) that i have to check/post, but certainly, ive bookmarked yours under my favorites folder 'kat stalking' ;j

ttyl! ;j