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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Introducing..... Holiday Packs!

Hello.  Welcome to the holiday season.  Just wanted to introduce you to these cute little holiday packs.  They are in limited supply and are already selling like hotcakes!  Sometimes it can be hard to tell by a photograph, so I will tell you that each of the li'l soaps in the pack are what I like to call "hotel-size".  Perfect little sampler - stocking stuffer - mid-Hanukkah - for your hairstylist - chiropractor - massage therapist - neighbor - etc...

The Christmas Trio sells for $5.95 on etsy:

The Hanukkah Set sells for $3.95 on etsy:


Anne-Marie said...

Love those sets! They are just too cute, and I your packaging is fab.

kat said...

Why thank you, Miss A-M. I thought of a way better design for the sticker that translates to paper better than silver and stars, but alas.... too late now.

I love the paper though. Almost didn't want to use it! :D