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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Babies and weddings and boyfriends, oh my!

This has been a good month for Sudstress.  A few weeks ago, I got an email from a woman who was looking for 40 baby shower favors and had been referred to me by the lovely Joanna of The Soap Bar and Product Body.  (Thanks Jo!)  Her shower is this weekend and all has been delivered and signed for.  She was so kind to still work with me even though I couldn't do custom without more time; we figured out a way to make what I had in stock, custom for her.  I hope they're a hit.  We went with exotic berry, stamped 'Baby M' with some pearlescent purple mica.

Then I got an email about a week ago for 60 wedding favors.  All was confirmed a few days ago, and I made them Tuesday morning.  Her wedding is in September.  I've already ordered the gift tags - my best design yet, thanks to istockphoto and their amazing vector artists.  One in particular whose style I LOVE.  A month seems like plenty of time, unless you're talking making soap, cutting it into 60 little pieces, stamping 60 little pieces, assembling 60 boxes, filling them with shred, packing the soap in them, tying a ribbon and gift tag around each one, packing them and shipping them....  whew! 

They will look similar to this:

Today I received confirmation from Allison, who bought a custom order of Gravel Road Grunt - a novelty scented soap with pumice in it that I made for gift bags given away at the Fool's Gold 50/100 mountain bike race a few years ago.  Apparently he really liked it because he kept the label all this time and this is the second custom bulk order for it!  I'll be making the batch this Sunday for local delivery in a handful of weeks.

Sorry for the poor quality on that last picture.  I sort of took it last minute before moving it to the curing shelves.  I wanted a record of it, but who needs it when it looks so poorly lit and on paper towel...  clearly not staged properly, but you get the idea.


Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like you've been super busy lately! I love all of your packaging, it's modern and vintage all at the same time! Super cute =)

kat said...

Why thank you, Anne-Marie!

joanna schmidt said...

good for you with all these custom special orders!!!!

I too, think your soapies and packaging are quite sophisticated. This is why I sent her to YOU. ;)