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Friday, February 5, 2010

freedom lies in courage, not anonymity

Hello lovely people who are kind enough to come by and read what it is that I have to write. I am truly amazed that in just over two years, my sudstress blog has received nearly 13,000 visits. Maybe the same 13 people have returned 1,000 times each, but no matter how the numbers are arranged, I am humbled and thankful for your interest. Without an audience, this would be just a journal. Don't get me wrong, I think journals are one of the best tools for expelling worries, for processing confusing feelings, for finding clarity; and are a creative outlet for one's thoughts and emotions. The problem is, without an audience, I would not keep coming back to write consistently, which I feel is key to continual insight.

No matter the subject, I'm often forthcoming in my writing, other times I hold back or consciously write from a positive perspective in an attempt to burst through the negative one I'm experiencing at the time. In any event, this public format has been a great tool for me to get thoughts and feelings out of my head in a creative fashion; to consciously create positive thought patterns; and to process and respond to my emotions rather than simply reacting (not that I haven't done that once or twice..).

Sometimes I wish I'd started this blog anonymously because I feel like I would bare a bit more of my soul or reveal things I otherwise do not, for fear of appearing like some cliched, overemotional basket case. It's not that I have a lot to hide, in fact I think it's healthy to be selective about who you grant access to that sensitive information which can so easily be turned around and used as a weapon on the very underbelly from which it came. I feel that with anonymity would come a certain abandon, though I can't help but wonder whether I would still hold back, for fear of identification through recognizable details. The one thing about writing for an audience, anonymously or not, is that it gives me the desire to express myself more artfully and accurately than if I just sat down to journal.

What is all of this about? Well, I'd like to experiment with courage rather than anonymity. I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you, the people who inspire me to write to the better of my ability (to me, best implies no room for growth) for suggestions on what you'd like me to write about without holding back. Please note that anyone is free to comment on this blog. You don't have to have an account and although I appreciate knowing who the comments come from, you are free to comment anonymously. I understand the safety that lies therein. I hope to get a plethora of ideas and/or requests, but even if I get none, I will still choose a subject upon which to write bravely. It just might take me longer to come up with something. If I get several comments, I will choose at least one and give it a whirl.

Thank you for your interest and your help in my personal growth experiment.


Anonymous said...

Wow, tall order. I think you already write well.
Whatever you do will be your experiment and
choice as to what to tell. Just remember often
of you bare too much, many will not understand.

Joanna said...

I remember a while back I asked my readers the same thing because I was getting the numbers on the site but not the comments, so I wasn't sure I was giving people what they wanted.

For me, The Soap Bar was for everyone and not really a journal, although it sort turned into a personal account of my life as well. A stew, really.

I got a lot of feedback, but the thing that people said that was consistent was that they were coming back because of who I was. What I brought to the table....

I think it's the same here. We like you! I am in awe of your soaps and I personally would love to see more hands on photos of your raw soap making, curing, unmolding, & trial and error stuff.

For me, I just see your perfect soap and perfect displays. I'd love to see the soap maker behind the soap. To see more PROCESS.

I think readers love the process and experiencing things through reading.

Just a short novel. You probably haven't read yet today so I wrote you a love note. ;) Kat, I like visiting...

FuturePrimitive said...

Hello Kat et al.
I reckon you should carry on writing the way you do. When you feel the need to air what's happening in your life, I as the reader have an insight into what makes you tick. I love that I feel I know all of the soapers on blogger etc like I know my closest friends from home. We are all one big family, and you are you and we are we. Just keep it coming Kat...but I do agree with Jo, please show more of your soap processes. You make delectable mum even commented on your soap today. She's just bought her 1st laptop. she catches up with me on my blog like your mum catches up with you here. She loves what you produce..the cutie pies especially.
When I read your posts on your spiritual experiences, I just love you even more and I always take a little of what you wrote away with me.
I'm getting a little braver about airing my own thoughts. I guess the reader wants to know the writer is real, so don't hide it.
Kat, you're great!

Arvetta said...

Reading this post made my mind up to follow you, a very deep and understanding post. Not everyone will understand how you feel, but as a follower of yours now I think you have great writing skills it takes a strong person to share how they feel without anonymity, actually it takes courage..exactly what you have.

natural soap said...

Interesting read dear! Love your blog!

Anne-Marie said...

I've often wondered about how vulnerable to get with my blog too and kudos to you for deciding to bare more of your soul and share your authentic self with your readers.

That said, of course, only do what is comfortable to you. What you've been doing is great too. =)

kat said...

Thank you for your comments everyone. I appreciate that you gave me both insight on what you'd like to see more of and support me in my personal musings.

I'm in store for some big personal changes that I will post in their own time, but that will also result in a slight pause in soap production.

It's good to know that I can use this blog as a tool for both sudstress and personal growth and you all appreciate the intertwining of the two.

Anne-Marie, I admire you as a business woman and am flattered to have you visiting my blog :) Perhaps the size of your business prohibits you from getting too personal on your blog. As a reader, I think peppering in some genuine personal stuff would aid in the connection between you and your customers/followers. humble opinion.

Thank you for the support Jo, Tiggy, new followers and old, commenters and non-commenters. I will proceed with courage! (and soap process in the future)