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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one of three

You know how sometimes when one area of your life is going kinda crappy, the universe has a certain way of lifting your spirits by introducing exciting possibilities in other areas? Well, in the last couple of weeks, surrounding my break-up with Peter, three big possible opportunities for either wholesale or press have popped up. I will not reveal all three to you, but rather make you wait and wonder and work yourself into a tizzy with anticipation. *insert evil cackle here* I have learned over the last few years to allow myself to get excited about possible opportunities without blowing my load right off the bat, only to be crushed if and when it falls through or falls flat. With that said, nothing as big as these three has come my way before now, so I'm taking deep breaths, working hard and keeping everything crossed.

I just got home from Java Monkey where I met up with Jen Ray who has been working with Etsy this summer. She came to Atlanta to interview artists who will be featured in the upcoming Etsy City Guide, of which I am one! (I'd provide a link, but it doesn't exist yet) We had more of a conversation rather than the standard interview. We talked about soap, of course, but I rambled as I tend to when I'm nervous and we ended up talking about factory farming, bacon and people that we discovered we both knew from working in bars around Atlanta. I'm glad she recorded it, because I can't remember most of it; another unfavorable result of the nerves. We ended the interview with a short photo session wherein I babbled nervously and made awkward motions while looking anywhere but the camera. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with my picture being taken, it's just that if the specific purpose is to have a picture of me, I get all weird and don't know how to relax and act natural.

So, the feature should be out in the next month or two. I'm super excited about it and so thankful that she found me. Actually, she went to school with Maggie of Young Blood Gallery & Boutique. When Jen asked Maggie for a recommendation, she recommended me! Maggie has popped up at some of the festivals I've done over the years and they even sell my soap in the boutique. I guess networking can be more subtle and genuine than shoving your business card down people's throats and putting on a fake smile.

Speaking of Young Blood; I will be there from 7-10 p.m. this coming Thursday, selling my wares at Kraftwork. If you've never been to one, please come by. There are always several very talented artists selling all kinds of high quality, neat stuff. Here is a list of this month's participants.