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Sunday, May 24, 2009

way to go, pharmaceutical companies. you must be so proud.

Maybe it's because of my recent loss that everything seems so trivial.  Maybe I have some anger along with my grief and sadness and I don't want to direct it at a person, so something like this gets me riled up.  

I pay $150 a month for my health insurance that carries a $10,000 deductible with 6 doctor visits a year at a $40 co-pay.  My premium goes up by $30 per month every year with no relief in sight.  I have a pre-existing condition if I ever try to change plans and may be forced to make a choice in treatment that I don't feel comfortable with because it is the only one I can afford and Fing people with no real problems are using prescription coverage for THIS?    

I understand that there are many cosmetic procedures that have a large impact on self image and quality of life, but this is Fing ridiculous.  Maybe it's that I can't escape my pain in the silence of my home and when I try to drown it out with television, and the pain just bubbles up in another manner, because this really pisses me off.


Kim said...

No, I think any rational person would be pissed off by this. Ri-goddamn-diculous.

Joanna said...

I pay $350 per month, but have a $1,000 per year deductible. I always spend way beyond that due to my Crohn's disease and MRI's (migraines)... I don't have much to say on this topic except that health coverage in general is a joke and that fact that the needy get screwed, how is it that the eyelash broad is getting covered? Is that even a real story? In this day and age when no one can afford sh!t?

Oh Kat, I'll push you in your wheel chair if you'll make sure I take my daily meds and hold my hair back while I vom.


kat said...

I can relate to the Crohn's. I too have a lifelong autoimmune disease called Grave's Disease that is forever my pre-existing condition if ever I change my health care plan, unless the system changes. Sometimes I can't even think about it because the snowballing thoughts stress me out so much, I'm liable to get ill from it.