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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

festival, sorta...

My dear Atlantans. It's been a big week. I quit my job. I could write paragraph after paragraph after paragraph about how, why, etc., but I feel like doing that would just create negative emotion and anxiety over such things that I quit to move forward from in the first place. It was a long time coming and I'm excited to move on to what's next and I'll leave it at that.

Oh! The reason I started out with my dear Atlantans is that I'll be on the periphery of a festival this weekend. Memorial Day weekend marks the annual Decatur Arts Festival. Like a few other festivals, this one caters solely to the "fine arts" and those who create consumables, i.e. soap, are ineligible for participation.   H o w e v e r . . . one store that carries my soaps - Melrose on Ponce - rents out space in front of their shop, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I paid slightly less than a festival this size would cost in order to set up, which is a bit of a risk as I don't know how it will work out not being legitimately associated with the festival. There is never any way to predict the results when officially part of a festival either, so, really it's no different. I will still benefit from the foot traffic in the neighborhood and possibly more because I know there will likely be no other bath & body vendors around the festival. Also, Melrose on Ponce is such a great store and I like that it's a mutually beneficial deal. Last but not least, it's more exposure even if I don't sell much, my soap will still be in the hands of that many more people, and I will have more names on my mailing list. This is particularly a good thing because when Comcast made the switch a few months ago, I lost my entire contact list.  *shaking fists at comcast*  Fortunately I still have the notebooks I used to collect people's emails and am rebuilding it slowly but surely.

In any event, look for something like this  -  I'll be set up Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday.

On a side note, today is a big day for me since I dropped Neko off at Lifeline for an affordable way to get his nuggets clipped and update his shots. I'll admit I shed a few tears. His little beanbags are the last connection I have to Fat Head who is the last connection to Phoebe.   Plus, it's lonely without that little furrball terrorizing the place. Lilly seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet and has not left my lap for a moment at any time when I've been sitting down today.

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