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Sunday, April 19, 2009

honorable mentions

This has been a really good week for me regarding soap.  I made it to the front page of etsy twice and one of those times was chosen by an etsy administrator, which feels really special.  I also surpassed my goal of 30 etsy sales this month (have since readjusted goal to 50), shoreline was featured in a treasury by dennis anderson of anderson soap company and two of my favorite soapies were featured by Joanna of the soap bar.  Let me tell you a bit more about dennis and joanna.

Dennis Anderson is one of my inspirations not only because he makes such beautiful product, but also after reading about him in the recurring storque article "Quit Your Day Job", it gives me hope that one day I too can quit my day (or night as the case may be) job.  The original article is what inspired me and just now, looking for the link, I found the follow up article!  I recently joined the etsy SAFE team, of which I am still a provisional member and have learned a little more about his personality through the forums.  He seems bold and hilarious and if there was ever a doubt that this guy is a complete bad ass, it is forever erased.

Joanna has created a blog called the soap bar that is tremendously successful.  In fact, I would guess that almost half of my blog hits come from the link on her site.  I believe her site is so popular because she is passionate about handmade soap and for every person who sells soap, there must be 1,000 who make it as a hobby and can't get enough soap porn.  On Joanna's site, you can find the best soap porn all in one place.  I can't say enough how awesome it is to be featured in one of her blog posts.  

It is truly an honor that my soaps have even received a second glance by these people and I really appreciate the chance for exposure because of them.  I hope I don't sound ass kissy, it's just that this comes at a time when I was starting to feel a bit hopeless and wonder how I'd ever make it out of an industry that is getting more and more dangerous and moving closer and closer to my place of employment.  I feel lucky and aim to replace fear with hope, which is just what this week in soap has done for me.


FuturePrimitive said...

Joanna sure is lovely ain't she. Been having a few small convo's with her myself lately and she really is a true inspiration - mainly because of her positivity and the way she makes you feel like you're a part of this massive thing they call 'soaping'. I think all you lasses from the USA have so much to offer...there don't seem to be so many into it in old Blighty...though we are a much smaller island! I haven't seen much of Dennis but did stop by his etsy and it all looks divine.
Glad you feel happy with everything..don't ever give up, you're soaps are wonderful..just wish we could buy them really should sell to us too! I told Joanna that too as I really want to try her 'crush on you'.
BTW, not at all kiss assy!

kat said...

Thanks Tiggy :)

Ten Digit Creations said...

Kat, you keep pluggin'! Your great products will keep them coming back for more and WELCOME to the Safe Team!