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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Attempt at Whipped Soap.

Aside from a slightly thinner than I'd hoped for "batter" and slight discoloration from the fragrance, I think it was great success, I liiiiike!

I used Tahitian Vanilla, which smells yummmm and decorated with some cranberry seeds.  I've gained much inspiration from this experience.  I recently screwed up my first batch in a long time and must re-batch.  Since it was Black Raspberry, I've got an idea how to turn the first third of the batch (it was a biggie) into cupcakes.  I'm taking pictures along the way, so look for that soon.  Now...  behold the first whipped cupcakes that were not a complete disaster, but not as pretty as I'd have liked...

1 comment:

Anne-Marie said...

This looks wonderful - totally delicious and very edible.