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Monday, August 11, 2008

Simple and Graphic.. just like my jokes.

I accidentally made a logo for my sudstress labels.  It's simple and graphic.  I like it.  I used my elementary skills on my pretendphotoshop software for a new etsy banner and found a way to incorporate it into my labels.  I had to start from scratch, but I'm plugging along, changing them all over.  Though I'm sure I'll go back and make some changes, I am pretty happy with how things are looking so far.  My goal is to have my soap labels completely changed over for my next festival this Saturday and the rest of the labels (scrub, shea & oil) by the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival at the end of August.  

Things got put on hold for a couple of days last week when I drove through Tennessee and Alabama to spend some short but quality time with Peter.  I went white water rafting for the first time!  Every time we see each other, things just get better and better.  It scares and excites me at the same time.  Seriously, look how cute we are together.

I also joined the best gym ever.  It's been entirely too hot to run and/or bike, and I'd been meaning to rejoin a gym anyway, so I checked out Core Body in Decatur.  I liked it so much that I joined the same day.  It's got such a good feel, people are there to exercise, not to judge.  Even the people that work there are my kind of peeps.  My friend Stephanie and I went out to U Joint on Thursday night and ran into Patrick who works at the gym (which Stephanie also left L.A. Fitness for, incidentally) and ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the night.  He had us in stitches until my lack of sleep caught up with me at which point I came home, stripped and fell asleep with my contacts in.  Oh, the memories...

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Holly said...

LOVE the new logo, and I totally intend to buy some of your stuff when I get moved out and settled in.

And...Peter is HOT. I don't know what else to say about it. I have a thing for 1. dark, curly hair, and 2. dimples. And glasses. I'd say you're both lucky.

(Sorry for drooling over your fella in a public forum.)

kat said...

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the dark, curly hair too. There's no denying that he's a looker... I'm sure he'd appreciate the drool.

He's not actually my boyfriend and the future of our relationship has yet to be discovered which is both the exciting and scary part that I mentioned. Emotional investment is riskier than subprime loans.

jimiyo said...

cute couple!

hey... is everything alright, i heard Georgia got attacked by Russia. heeeheee!

Kim said...

Uh oh. Good looking AND fun to be around. Run for your life! :-)

kat said...

Jimiyo - I saw some headline about that at the gym and almost had a heart attack before I remembered that Georgia is a country. I thought I was in the last scene of the Terminator.

Kim - I guess together we'd be a quadruple threat. Let's get coffee soon, lady!

Joanna said...

You both are adorable!!

jimiyo said...

hey, will you do this?