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Monday, July 21, 2008

Submission and Acceptance

I'm going to ride three gap today, backwards, and even though I'm not leaving until about 12:30; a chain saw, a jackhammer and a solicitous phone call have all conspired to not let me sleep in. I guess I've done enough sleeping this week while I was sick, anyway, so I figured now is as good a time as any to update.

The other day I received an email inviting me to consider consigning my soaps and scrubs at Youngblood Gallery & Boutique. Coincidentally, I had sent an email to the person I thought was in charge of artist submissions that same day unbeknownst to the aforementioned sender. I think that qualified as automatic acceptance! So yesterday I brought samples by their new location on North Highland Avenue to see which items they'd like to carry. As a side note, I used to set up a table every so often at their previous Grant Park location for Kraftworks which took place on the first Thursday of every month. Any local artist/crafter was welcomed to come and set up a table to socialize and peddle their wares in an indie/urban art environment. I have been told that kraftworks may be reinstated at the new location, which would be great. Also, an extremely talented artist and friend of mine ;jimiyo has done some work for them, I believe.

I will be delivering the goods next Tuesday and I imagine from there, it won't be but a day or so before they're on display for all to see, sniff and purchase. One of the best things for me about their new location is that it's right down the road from where I work, so when people ask me where they can get my soap, instead of giving them a website, I can send them two blocks south where instant gratification awaits. Available on the shelves at Youngblood will be nine different varieties of soap, all three 'flavors' of soap cake and two different sugar scrubs. I am very excited.
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jimiyo said...

wooord. thanks for the pimp.

hey i notice you are linking more and setting up ads. hows that working for you?

the linkbacks... do they help in SEO stuff?

anyways. Kat is Best! ;j

kat said...

I just feel smart with the links and I think it makes it more interactive and interesting, especially for posts with no pictures. I have the little stuff on the right, but I probably haven't used it to its full potential, so I'm afraid it doesn't do much for me. Probably the biggest contributor is links from other bloggers who've put a link to my blog on their page.

I don't know what SEO is, or what a linkback is either...

;jimiyo is awesomez.

jimiyo said...

affectionate cat headbutt.

jimiyo said...

can i tell you somethin?

so like, if im single, i usually have some insane romanticized crush that usually manifests itself enough to almost cause emotional swings, but of recent, its crazy, i have had no such flights of fancy. (except you of course... heeeehee) and its been pretty decent amount of time that ive been like this. i actually dont remember any time i hadnt romanticized relationships whether i was single or not. its actually kinda cool. whereas a couple years ago, i suppose in this manner i was emotionally unavailable/distant/avoidant, now im just totally emotional apathetic! maybe its cause im not drinking much. LOL. that usually causes some weird things to happen in the brain. i think for me, it was because the thing with the ranch fling, was totally romance novel trying its hardest trying to come true, and in the end i decided it was kinda all fake, or i decided i didnt want to let it become reality, cause reality would lessen or destroy the whole ideal i had created similar to what could occur in my head. anyways, this Chapter is interesting. ive been wanting to write a blog about it, but it seems too personal to share with my readers, and i dont want to sound like a fag, which you already know i have a tendency. heheh. lates. Good Weekend. hope you are well! ;j

kat said...

Everybody is scared of the flaws and reality that exists behind the rose colored lenses of new romance. I think many people would relate if you chose to write about it, but only do it if you're comfortable. Whenever you get personal in your bloggins, you pretty much always come up with some really well written and insightful stuff.