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Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free.. Don't Tell Canada

I've been feeling the need for change.  I've been talking to my brother this past year about joining him and his wife in Boulder/Denver area, where their plan to move this summer was delayed after his accident last year to the summer of 2009.  When I moved to Atlanta in 1998, it was not really toward anything, but rather to get away from where I grew up and the bad patterns I'd established there.  Ironically, the minute I set foot in Atlanta, I knew I wouldn't stay here for the rest of my life.  I have no regrets, as it was an amazing learning experience.  I've always been independent, but this was a whole new lesson in capability.  Planting myself right in the middle of a city that I'd never been to, hadn't known anyone and re-establishing my identity was challenging to say the least.  I decided all those years ago, that the next time I decide to reinvent my life in a new city, it'll be a move forward, towards something.  I've already established the fact that I'm terrible at making plans, but I think I can spend the next year or two or maybe five, who knows, visiting and researching new cities while prioritizing what is important to have in a city I call home.  I'd really like to love where I'm living.  

There are a lot of things that I love about Atlanta, but there are also some important ones that I don't.  Atlanta may be a big city, but it's still pretty deep in the south.  There is definitely an underlying current of racism.  I know it doesn't disappear as you move about the country, but its roots here are deep.  Also, it's one of the worst cities for biking and as you may or may not know, I really like to ride my bike.  

Today I went out to Newnan, about 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta, to do a road ride called Silk Sheets for a change of pace from the normal routes.  I took my camera, but it wasn't particularly scenic.  There were three things that caught my attention, however, and they just happen to illustrate my earlier sentiment.  

Having the childish sense of humor that I do, I stopped to take a picture of this sign because of the name:  Soggy Bottom Farm (not the best at picture taking today - must've been sweat in my eyeballs)
THEN, I looked to the left and saw something I'd only seen in old cartoons in film classes - go ahead, click on it and look at the detail:
I wonder what sort of statement these people were trying to make.  Now, I'm pretty sure that black people have eyelids, but I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe this particular figurine had hyperthyroid and was a smoker - hence the bulging eyes.  Then I looked closer at the picture I took and noticed how the little black boy is all busted up, as is his seating.  Is this a statement from the owners or was it vandalism?  Crispin and I joked about their stance on race relations having this display in their front yard, but I wish I was more clever and witty because I can see several jokes here somewhere, I just can't put them together.

After witnessing that display, I came upon this "Freedom Isn't Free" sign:
...which TOTALLY reminded me of the following David Cross bit.  If you're easily offended by swearing, or a "W" supporter.. it's just going to piss you off..

So, I think I'll start my list with:

Large network of bike lanes.
Politically progressive towards alternative transportation.
and of course - Nice weather.  (nice according to my definition)

I'm tired.  This whole entry might read horribly, but that's the chance I'm taking in publishing it now...


Nature's Nook said...

From someone who has lived in 6 different cities, across four states in no more then 13 years...I can appreciate how you feel. I hope you find what you are looking for.

jimiyo said...

Unrelated except for title. I kinda hate Canada now. Especially with the border patrol not letting me in experience, the bitter cold, and just plain boredom.

Saw a movie today, and it reminded me of you. Under the Tuscan Sun. Has Diane Lane in it... I thought she was beautiful. You two have similar appearances. It was like I was watching Kat acting in a movie. Also see the end of this comment entry.

Im moving back to Nashville. The heat will be on to start making money. Im hoping I will be able to make it. I know I can make the equivalent to a McDonalds or factory job, but Im hoping to make an actual living, just like my pastey white middle class college educated friends in the corporate world.

I'm housesitting, and I've been watching so many movies. Its a married couples house so Ive exhausted the man flicks, and now its just all chick flicks. Of all of them, I found The Prince and Me as one of the most ridiculous movies. A college girl meets the Prince of Denmark and he's totally enamored with her? Yeah right! Or Serendipity... Boy and girl have a fateful 15 minute meeting, and years later, they cant stop thinking about each other, and fate intervenes for them to meet again? I can't help from thinking in the future after watching all these movies, seeing that dood movies are all about the guy overcoming some obstacle against all odds and being a hero, and women wanting a fateful meeting with a rich, intelligent, and attractive man who worships her, Im going to change my dealings with people.

For doods, Im just gonna be like, wow, you are a hero. I had a roommate once that always said something similar. If he would see you round the office, he would say "Jimiiiiiiiii, the man, the legend," and point. It worked. Very effective.

He really LOVED to point and snap his fingers at people. Also make squealing noises while snapping... although he didnt know I was upstairs... many weird quirks. He'd leave porno DVD in my laptop anytime he borrowed my laptop. Apparently he loved the Classics. Peter North, who's that other guy who looks like a real life Super Mario?

For women, Im going to pretend that it's because of some grander reason than circumstance, that it was fate that I ever met them or anything. Destiny!

Kat... if was destiny that I was using a friend adder bot and you were one of 10,000 random friend requests I sent on myspace a couple years ago.

Since I am housesitting, I have been on the sauce. I havent done so in a long while. I remember, I made some significant progress the last time I was on the juice. I was making shirts every month, going to shows, etc etc. Killing it actually. I should start drinking again. Just have to find a way to do it without getting a beer belly.

Cheers. Hope you are doing awesomez.