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Friday, May 2, 2008

What's on your face?

I have two cats:

and Lily

When my boyfriend and I broke up and moved out two years ago (we lived together) it was also almost six months after Phoebe, my cat of 15 years died.  Phoebe was a stray that I got at about 4 weeks when I was in seventh grade and wasn't very socialized with other animals.  So, when she'd be out on the patio and Fat Head came by and they'd just stare at each other, sans hissing & growling, I knew they had a love connection.  Fat Head was a neighborhood cat who weighed 15 pounds and whose neck circumference was larger than mine by about half an inch.  

Behold Fat Head:

He came by the day that Phoebe died and three consecutive days afterward when usually we'd only see him once every few weeks.  After a while, Matt (my ex) and I would come home from work to find him curled up on his stinky bike clothes that he'd left in the corner outside the patio. I think it started with some catnip and treats and led to full on daily wet food that led to his stinky furbutt sleeping on our bed until he got up, sat by the door and meowed for us to let him out. Both of us still cruise by the old place looking for him. We spotted him once on a run a few months ago. His head is still fat.

During the move, I noticed this tiny grey kitty hanging around with Fat Head, meowing and starving for food.  It was obvious that no one was taking care of her but Fat Head, so I brought her to my new place after a couple of unsuccessful attempts.  It turned out Lily was pregnant and we assumed it was with Fatty's kittens.  Neko, Willow, Baby Fathead and Noodle (who went to another couple's home).  I had originally only planned to have one cat, but I couldn't resist keeping one of the kittens.  Matt took Baby Fat Head and Willow and I kept Neko, so we're both cat ladies.

And finally, the piece de resistance:  when I got home from the festival the other day, Neko had a claw in his face.  About every other day, either Neko or Lily will get uppity and decide to hassle the other.  Usually Neko chases Lily around, oblivious to her hisses and growls.  So I could just picture the slap in the face he got when I saw this:  

 "What's on your face?"


jimiyo said...

the kitty with the claw stickin in the nose is pretty rad. it reminds me of Old School, where Will Ferrel gets a tranquilizer in his neck, and Stifler actor is like "ha... its in your juglar man!"

"what are you talking about, youre craaaaaaazzzyyyy..."

neat to hear your voice too. the kitty pictures. PRIMO!

anyways. thanks for kind words on bloggins. i was moody, it lightened the load.


Nature's Nook said...

I have two cats too. They're brothers from the same litter and some days they are the best of friends and other days they are the best of enemies. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nature's Nook said...

I have something for you on my blog, come check it out.....