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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preview and Review


This week I got a sneak peak at the website in progress from Green Only Distributors.  It's looking really good and I can't wait to order some of the products they carry from other manufacturers.  I found something called Soap Nuts that I can't wait to try and if you're reading this and I have your address or know where you live, you'll probably be receiving some too; Mom, Mark, Stephanie, Peter, Stacey, Skotdog - rest assured (oh and ;j you'll have to send me your address).  I am also looking forward to trying this Shampoo Bar, about which I've heard really good things.  I've also made another man soap upon request and I looooove the scent and the look of it.  I had been imagining this look about a week before they asked me and it was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.  I think it will be named After Hours, but am not 100% sure yet. 

I've also been re-taking pictures of several soaps.  I'm never satisfied...

White Gardenia:


I'm getting nervous and excited because I've been churning out the soap in the hopes that it'll be cured and ready by the time their site goes online and by then I can be making back up batches for the next order, festivals, holiday season and such, but I still have about four more first-round large batches to make.

I crunched some numbers the other night before going to sleep since they were bouncing around in my head and have decided that it's entirely possible to be a full time sudstress and actually earn a living.  I could easily increase production and make three large batches a day.  All I would have to do is make two more molds (easy & cheap), buy two more large stainless steel pots (easy & sorta cheap if Ikea sells them), buy a heavier duty mixer (easy & not so cheap, but have been meaning to for a while, it's already necessary and is not that expensive in the grand scheme of things).  The idea of that makes me want to run around and jump up and down, but for now, I'm just churnin' and burnin'.  I don't really know where the burnin' comes in, it rhymes but I would prefer not to get a lye burn if I can help it...


I already know that I have a good product because I make it and have used a lot of it.  There is also empirical proof of this because when I sent samples to the distributor, they in turn sent it off to a lab and got back pristine results.  Not only that, but now I have written proof!  Joanna at The Soap Bar has reviewed one of my own favorite soaps for all to see.  I agree, my soaps are very sudsy.  There are also some of the most amazing soaps I've ever seen all over that site.  It is both humbling and inspirational.  It's also nice to see that someone else blogs about their cats sometimes.  So, in that vein, here's another funny picture of Lilly.

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Nature's Nook said...

Love new stuff! Can't wait.

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