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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is efficiency a result of laziness or intelligence?

Oh man, oh man, oh man...

People ask me all of the time if I make lotion and all I can offer them is my Shea Butter.  While it's a super rich nutrient, it can be a little heavy for the summer time or for an all over moisturizer.  I have actually made lotion and I liked it, but most people thought it was too greasy - it was, for the record, but I didn't mind.  Actually, almost any lotion that doesn't have several additives - mostly chemical - probably won't have a widely well received aesthetic quality.  Also, any time you mix water with oil, you have to preserve it, otherwise mold and bacteria will grow in a short time.  It's just a fact of nature.  I did quite a bit of reading on the subject a couple of years ago and decided that making lotion was not for me.  For now at least, it's a form of chemistry that is a bit out of my league.  For the record, I really like this lotion.

My solution to this problem lay in my sugar scrub.  I'd been meaning to take the oil recipe that I created for my sugar scrub and make it a stand alone product for some time now.  I can't believe I waited so long.  I do preserve my sugar scrubs because water inevitably gets into the container even though I try not to let it happen.  The thing about a straight up oil recipe in a pump dispenser is that now I can have efficiently (a.k.a. lazily) moisturize with pure oils - some of them organic - no preservatives necessary.  I knew it was a good recipe, but I just made some with my 'Morning Dew' fragrance and another with a Lavender / Rosewood / Clary Sage / Patchouli (one drop, I swear!) blend of essential oils and I think I'm in heaven.  I am ordering the containers for this tonight and adding them to my website sooooooon! 

Hopefully I'll have them ready for the Inman Park Festival in a few weeks.




Mark said...

This looks great, Kat. Looks like you'll get production up to meet that great wholesale deal! Yo, wicked good job. - Mark

Anonymous said...

1st blog of the day worth reading through...Awesome work.What a great way to make a living. Good luck to U in the future!!

kat said...

Thanks dudes! I'm churnin' and burnin'. (Minus the burnin')

Nature's Nook said...

The more products you offer, the more I can sell. I can see my shop filling up now!