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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleep eludes me, video does not.

Amateur Snow Angel.

Back Sledding

Peter's an angel.

Jan's Place in Two Rivers

Sheldon won't do it for the camera, but he looks like a bear when he stands up.

Lots of sled puppy sniffing camera lens.

Sheldon shows his softer side, just for a second.



jimiyo said...

hey kat! that toilet was a joke shirt... much like ceiling cat he's watching you... and its sexy!

I should be putting this in my blog, instead of writing you about it, but maybe you can be my editor... make revisions ;j

erm... momentous decision. im leaving the ranch. i thought i would stay for a while, but now that the freelance is gaining speed, i feel like, get this...

buying a house, and settling down for 3-5 years.

i know i KNOW... CRAZY! ... and you know I wont, a House? I mean come on, Jimi cant commit to that... but i do fancy a nice cute cottage house, and now that i have lived with two kitties.. i want two kitties cause i like watching them grow up with different personalities and watch them play.
besides, ill have to work at the freelance for a while to substantiate a consistent income to qualify for a mortgage. besides getting older, and not having a true place to call my own, is difficult. i think the next place i stop, im buying furniture, and by furniture, i mean a matress... and more importantly a big ass carpeted tree thing for cats to jump and run around on. maybe some shelving too, for them to be all up near the ceiling. WOUldnt that be seriously awesome? a lazy chair in the middle of the room that can rotate 360 to watch them!

i might be coming back to Nashville. there some things in Seattle. i just cant stay here cause its not an ideal place with the duties of the ranch.

did you learn anything from Alaska? or did it feel more like a vacation and a break from the norm? i would think you had much time to think on the rides on the bus. etc etc.


kat said...

WOW! I think the chair to watch the kitties is a great idea.

I learned a lot in Alaska. It was truly a much needed and perfect vacation and what I learned is that I am emotionally available after all and more emotionally stable than I had previously thought myself to be. I think it's awesome that you feel you can commit to a house. I couldn't. The most I can commit to is admitting that I could think about committing to something/someone without having a panic attack. That's a step forward for me.

Oh, and I highly, highly recommend a mattress. I speak from experience by saying you'll appreciate it more frequently and for much longer than any other furniture purchase you could make. I will come visit you, if Nashville, I will drive my new sunroof equipped li'l silver bullet.

jimiyo said...


i saw those kissy pictures. WOOOOOOoooooooo! hehe... very cool. esp with all the frozen hair and stuff. though, i feel kinda perverty just lookin at it cause that picture feels so intimate.

with your new l'il silver bullet? what you got a sex toy with the purchase of a car?

(hehe.. the kitties, are crawling in a upside down clear storage box. its like a cat aquarium. Blue is looking at me like, yeah sup? you are the one who's trapped fool!)

wow, i have to move back to the Villy now if you would visit!

the house thing.
yeah, i know i wont get one cause i hate to commit and money logistics. mainly i fancy open space for the kitties, and no neighbors. my last neighbors were crackheads. literally. very rude. Icky.

emotional availability and stableness. word! i bet, man, moments of 'loveliness' eh? sweet times.

i had a good run too.
although judy and i arent a pair anymore... i feel like im getting better at the trying thing. it still sucks to break up, but im starting to go through the whole process faster. as in... date. see if it works. if it dont. finished.

its like me leaving the ranch. i could have kept my word and stayed, but its no longer in line with my dreams so im changing plans. im hoping its not because im becoming more fickle. just more wise, and quicker to get back on the right direction if a path doesnt work.

blah blah blah.

hey i saw youve sold quite a few items on etsy. congrats. im starting my campaign again there until i run out of shirts. its really slow. its been two weeks. only 2 products. but no sale. i guess it takes a bit eh? i have more stuff to put up.

hey... heres buster. says wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup.