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Friday, December 28, 2007

Greener Pastures

As the end of another year draws near, so does the birth of a new one.  A calendric analogy for the cycle of death and rebirth that is constant in the universe and in each of our lives.  This year, I've mourned many things but have also been able to relish in new projects, people and possibilities in my life.  I've witnessed the loss of family members and dying relationships, while paralleled respectively by marriage and new found relationships, though neither for me.  My hope rests in the fact that as my relationship with someone close to me wanes, so too will I find excitement and satisfaction in new relationships.  I finally realized that I can not reach for something new while still holding onto something already gone.  An epiphany indeed, and I breathe a proverbial sigh of release.

There has been no lack of exciting new possibility in my life as it relates to soap, though.  I have been working with my chiropractor to develop an exclusive line for the spa she's been working so hard to open.  Her spa is called Nema Star and am not sure about the exact date of the grand opening, but I know it is on the horizon.  I've seen the place and it looks amazing.  It's going to be wonderful.  Also, wholesale inquiries have started to sprout up here and there.  Some have turned out to be not quite on the up and up while others seem promising.  Both are exciting because it all means that my name is getting out there and people are starting to take notice of my product, hopefully for both its beauty and quality.  Other inquiries seem even more promising, particularly a recent communication with a small distribution company.  Not really small by my standards, but in comparison to something like United, Empire, National (the liquor distributors I encounter at the bar) it would likely be considered as such.  Something like hooking up with a distributor is an event that could take me from zero to sixty in a moment.  You never know, you could be seeing Mint Meditation on a shelf here or there...

We are no doubt on the brink of a green/handmade/small business revolution and I am excited just to think of the possibilities that lie before me.  Whenever I start to put pressure on myself to be "successful" (I'll define that in another post) and feel like I'm not living up to my potential by pouring alcohol down people's throats, the universe throws me a little gem of hope like this to remind me that I have a creative talent, an even bigger passion for it and that I am moving forward.  Regardless of whether this particular proposal works or not, I can remember that there is a world of possibility if I just keep following my heart and ignoring the fear and doubt that inevitably creeps in at vulnerable moments.  Now, to find a way to translate that sentiment to my love life and the greener grass will surely be beneath my feet.


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jimiyo said...

I'm super happy that you've decided to start a non-myspace blog. It's been a while since you've posted a significant one. I'm dripping over every word. You write Awesome. I hope your soap business takes off. I really dont have any doubts. All it takes is time and trying, and its obvious you are passionate about it. I think the best times of your life are still coming. It seems only when you began to hope for your dreams to come that a path that you never noticed to a seemingly better place starts to materiallize. Take care, thinking of you, happy holidays!